Armin Zöggeler
A South Tyrolean Country Lad and Nature Boy from Völlan near Lana

Already early on, I discovered my passion for luge. At 19, I became the Junior World Champion. That was the first success of my impressive career; numerous additional titles followed. In 2014, I chucked luge and ended my career as an active athlete. Since then, I have been a member of the technology team of the Italian Luge Association FISI to which I now bring my knowledge, experience and ideas. I am living with my family in my hometown Völlan near Lana.

About the person

Date of birth:   04/01/1974
Place of birth:   Merano
Place of residence:   I-39011 Völlan-Lana
Marital Status:   married to Monika, father to Nina and Thomas
Profession:   Carabinieri Sports Group
Hobbies:   skiing, hunting, Halfinger horses and their breeding