Armin Zöggeler:
ghiaccio - acciaio - anima (ice - steel - soul)

My life as told to the sports journalist, Simone Battaggia. The book is an autobiography that explains what in my life moves me and keeps me going. At the same time, you will be getting an inside look at the sport of luge. Many know me only from the pictures with trophy in-hand, those moments on the winner’s podium or my appearances on television in Italy, Germany and the rest of the world. But these moments form only a mere fraction of what I truly was and am. In the book, Simone Battaggia also reveals in startlingly honest fashion, the doubts, fears and thought processes that accompanied and shaped me during my time as an active athlete. They have made me what I am today.

And the best thing about it ... it goes on and on.

Have lots of fun reading it!